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Billion-dollar potential for Danish solutions as water shortages threaten Ghana

18.04.2018  16:08
The high non-revenue water level of over 50 pct. is a big challenge to Ghana’s ability to meet demand of its growing urban population. The business potential is huge for Danish water companies, as the estimated investments by Ghana will be over USD$5 billion.

Water leaks are among the biggest problems causing the high amount of non-revenue water in Ghana. Photo credit: Pixabay.

Increasing urbanisation and a growing population is the reality of Ghana, which in turn is leading to a much higher demand for clean water. However, the high amount of non-revenue water is problematic and causing an unreliable source of water for residents in larger urban areas, resulting in frequent water shortages.

Danish companies Kamstrup A/S, AVK and Grundfos are already delivering on the high demand for Danish water technology in Ghana. Still, the market for water technology in Ghana holds a huge investment potential, as non-revenue water at the end of 2017 was over 50 pct.

“It is a number we would very much like to reduce by 5 pct. each year until reaching 20-25 pct. We believe this to be possible through the means of intelligent metering,” says Michael Botse-Baidoo, Chief Manager Project Planning and Development at Ghana Water, in a press release by Kamstrup A/S.

Under Ghana’s Water Sector Strategic Development Plan (WSSDP), the goal is to provide water for all by 2025. This goal is expected to be achieved by 2025 through the implementation of an investment programme from 2012 to 2025. The total investments required to achieve this goal are estimated at US$5.4 billion.

A major cause of the high non-revenue water level is ageing and poorly maintained distribution infrastructure, riddled with leaks. In line with the strategic plan, measures to reduce non-revenue water in urban water supply are being considered. Among the measures is introduction of the smart metering system supported by the technology from Danish company Kamstrup A/S.

“There is great potential for intelligent metering in Africa, where challenges related to shortage of water are great. We expect to see the market grow rapidly within the next three to five years. We are following the development in Africa closely and we foresee many opportunities for Danish water technology to join the African adventure,” Per Trøjbo, Senior Vice President at Kamstrup A/S, has asserted to State of Green.

Kamstrup got their first and biggest order of water-meters in West Africa in Ghana, and it was a necessity for the trade with Ghana Water to have a collaboration with the Trade Council.

“It is always important to know the market and the culture, which is why, we are dependent on business partners to understand the cultural differences and to open the right doors to us,” said Per Trøjbo.

Contact for more information on, how the Trade Council can link Danish water technology providers to relevant stakeholders in Ghana:

Linda Kafui Abbah-Foli
Commercial Advisor