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The new list of Danes has made registration much easier

06.02.2018  12:59
The list of Danes has been updated, and we kindly ask all Danes – whether you already had a registration or you are new on the list – to register through the app “UM rejseklar”. In just two minutes, you can register on the list of Danes – for your own security.

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Crisis-situations can occur in all countries, both suddenly or for a little longer. You should therefore sign up for new the list of Danes – Danskerlisten – when traveling afield. Whether your stay is short or you live permanently abroad. For your own safety.

It is important to register on the new list - regardless whether you have previously signed up on the list or you are new on the list.

The list allows us to contact you or send you important information about how to deal with a crisis in the country, in which you are staying. There may be major natural disasters, political unrest, or terrorist attacks.

We have made it much easier to sign up
You can register on the ‘List of Danes’ by downloading our free app "UM rejseklar" in App Store or Google Play. You must then provide your name, phone number, email, journey duration and country in the "Danskerlisten" tab to be registered. You can register both before and during the trip.

The "UM reisaklar" app also gives you quick access to travel guides with information on, among other things, security in countries around the world; as well as contact information to Denmark's embassies and consulates abroad, if you need help. If you already have the app installed, you will need to update to the latest version. Registration is optional.

Download “UM rejseklar” for iPhone here:

Download “UM rejseklar” for Android here:

If you have questions about the app or the list of Danes, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark at or telephone +45 33921112.