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Government to boost Danish exports: Launch of new strategy for economic diplomacy

16.03.2018  13:33
With a new strategy for economic diplomacy, the government will contribute to growth and employment in Denmark. The aim is to increase exports and attract more investments to Denmark.

Yesterday, the government of Denmark launched a new strategy for economic diplomacy. Through exports and more foreign investment, growth and employment will be created in Denmark.
The economic diplomacy must tackle the challenges with the protectionist currents seen all over the world today. Access to global markets for Danish companies can be made much easier with a strong economic diplomacy.

"It cannot be emphasized enough, how important it is for the government to help Danish companies break down barriers in the world and gain access to new markets,” says Anders Samuelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.
“We will do this through an active trade policy, where we work for new free trade agreements through the EU, and enhanced cooperation with local authorities in selected emerging markets. At the same time, we are increasing efforts to bring more growing companies to the export markets. This should happen by for instance getting more Danish companies to exploit the global market potential in e-commerce, " says Anders Samuelsen.
UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of abolishing poverty and combating climate change is setting the course ahead for 2030. The government therefore has a strong focus on mobilizing investments and solutions that can help meet the SDGs, while boosting growth for Danish companies.

"There is a need for more sustainable global development. Danish companies have strong, sustainable solutions that can make a difference and contribute to delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals. Business must utilize that it is good business to make a difference. At the same time, it is important to contribute to developing markets in developing countries. The future of African youth is not in Europe. The future is created through economic development in countries such as Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. We have strong networks in these countries and internationally. We will use those networks actively to promote Danish solutions to new markets," says Ulla Tørnæs, Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark.
The strategy contains five objectives:

• Ensuring favorable international framework conditions

• Contribution to increased exports and greater market shares for Danish business

• Development of more growing companies through internationalization

• Attracting more investments to Denmark

• Strengthening the Danish leadership in innovation and digital conversion

The strategy for economic diplomacy should be seen in the context of the government's foreign and security policy strategy, development policy, and humanitarian strategy.