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Aarhus will help improve Tema's water supply

08.02.2019  15:28
A new strategic sector cooperation between the city of Aarhus, the water utility Aarhus Water and Tema Metropolitan Assembly will help improve the water supply and waste water management in the industrial city.

Today, Tema is challenged by a non-revenue water above 50%, collapsed sewage system, and lack of efficient waste water treatment.
Danish representatives from Aarhus will bring their expertise and knowledge to Ghana and help Tema through an ongoing dialogue and technical assistance.
Aarhus and Aarhus Water have experience from similar collaborations in South Africa and India.

The new collaboration is part of the Danish Foreign Affairs objectives to advance sustainable growth, to strengthen bilateral relations and to open doors for Danish businesses and industries. Denmark is now involved in 39 authority collaborations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

The new partnership will officially start in week 7 when representatives from Aarhus and Aarhus Water have their first visit to Tema.


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