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In-Prison courts for the poor and vulnerable

17.10.2018  12:44
Monday, Her Ladyship Chief Justice and the Danish Ambassador inaugurated the first Danida sponsored, solar-powered, in-prison court in Kumasi Prison. The court will help prisoners on remand to get a trial and thus help reducing the numbers of inmates in the overcrowded prison.

Kumasi Prison opened in 1901 and has a capacity of 800 inmates. Today, the prison holds 2000 prisoners - an overcrowding of 250%. In Kumasi Prison 23.5% of the prisoners are on remand, i.e. they have never had their case tried in court.
Taking prisoners to court used to be a challenge due to shortage of transport and prison guards. The new in-prison court will ensure a timely trial.

We are please to see that Her Ladyship the Chief Justice is so dedicated to ensure access to justice for all, and we are optimistic that this will be a step forward to more humane and decent conditions in Kumasi Prison.