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Innovative Danish architecture to inspire Ghana's green development

11.05.2018  14:25
In Denmark, only 6 pct. of all waste ends as land fill. The rest is recycled or turned into energy providing electricity and heat for citizens and industry. This June, Ghanaian architects are going to Denmark to see how architecture plays a role in Denmark’s waste treatment and general green development.

The waste-to-energy plant, Amager Bakke, is one of the most energy efficient in the world. Photo: B&W Vølund

Working to inspire Ghanaian architects to follow the example of Denmark, the Danish Embassy is currently finalising a plan for Ghanaian architects to visit Denmark in June 2018. The aim is to show how architecture can create liveable cities and create profound environmental change. Top on the list of sights to visit is Amager Bakke, where the architects will get the chance to get inspired on how innovative architecture and green development can go hand in hand.

Possibly most famous among Danes for having a ski-slope on the roof, the plant is among the most energy efficient in the world, when it comes to turning waste into energy. It is a plant designed by the world-renowned Danish architecture group BIG, and it is changing the way we perceive waste treatment.

”The plant [Amager Bakke, ed.] stands out in terms of environmental considerations, energy production, and its working environment. It is also located near the airport and just five kilometres from Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square, so we’re not just talking about an industrial installation, but a landmark of the Danish capital, as well,” Lars Juel Rasmussen, the Project Manager at Amager Ressourcecenter, has stated.

The green architecture at Amager Bakke is effectively turning 400,000 tonnes of waste annually into heating for 120,000 households and supplying 50,000 households with electricity.

“Even though Denmark does not have large hydropower resources like the countries we are compared to, we can still compete among the leading players in the world league. The energy sector's ability to develop new, efficient and innovative energy solutions, combined with a long-term energy policy mean that today we enjoy green and secure energy at increasingly competitive prices,” Lars Aagaard, Managing Director of the Danish Energy Association, has stated.

Denmark is the most energy efficient country in the world, states data from World Energy Council. Particularly, Denmark has the best energy security to meet the demand of citizens and ranks top in energy sustainability from low-carbon and renewable resources. And, projects like the waste management plant Amager Bakke help ensure this top ranking for the time to come.