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A technical school with a vision

The official opening of MIM Technical Academy by the Ambassador, Tove Degnbol, took place Monday the 27th of February.

As the proud students of MIM technical academy performed a traditional cultural dance, a large delegation from the Danish Embassy in Ghana witnessed the performance with great interest. Earlier the Danish Ambassador, Tove Degnbol, had cut the red ribbon and declared the school officially open.

Cultural dancing at the opening of MIM Technical Academy

The Training Academy actually started in 2015 and is very important to the development of the area where it is located, which is also the home of the Danish owned MIM Cashew Factory. Developing skills that are up to date with the standards of the rest of the wold is part of the vision for the students that have already started their training.

Getting a tour of MIM Technical Academy (Ambassador at the left and principal Lasse Dalén Andersen at the right)

“The entire development of this place is a very good illustration of what the Embassy of Denmark is trying to encourage. A development from relations between Denmark and Ghana mainly based on development corporation, that has been important for many years, but now gradually changing the focus to more commercial corporation,” Tove Degnbol explained in her speech.

Cutting edge technology
Principal of the school, Lasse Dalén Andersen, emphasised that the mission of the school is to make better and more food in Ghana. As technical technician students, he stressed, you cannot base you education solely on old knowledge, so the academy aims to go even further in their education to ensure the future of the students.

Working together with a Danish technical school, Jysk Håndværkerskole, they hope to get a visit from them in the near future where training in robot-technology and digital solutions will be the main focus.

The Ambassador is greeting the students of MIM Technical Acadamy

“I and my team from the Embassy wish you all the best in your future activities. We are sure that this training academy will be a very successful one and we stand ready to support you, where you see that we can be of use. So with these words I would like to wish you all the best of luck,” Tove Degnbol ended her speech.