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Michael and the big tree

At the Embassy everybody knows Michael. He makes everyday life and events run smoothly - even when speed bumps in the shape of unplanned dinners and the like appears. He has an extraordinary flair for flower arrangements, but we didn’t know that he also knows a little something about trees.


”There is one thing I will always remember doing for the Embassy from the very depths of my heart. One thing I feel urged to share. One thing that perhaps will live on long after we have laid down our tools and gone to rest. I am talking about the story of the big tree in front of our visa section.”

Michael Alugivala Faraday has been working at the Danish Embassy for 26 years. This might seem like an odd year to celebrate an anniversary, but everybody who knows Michael knows that he is humble. So when a colleague celebrated her 25th anniversary at the Embassy last year Michael did not want to take the spotlight. 

But this was the year to celebrate Michael and all he has done for the Embassy. He has worked hard under 8 Danish Ambassadors and still do not plan on stopping. In Michaels speech at our joint lunch to celebrate him, he shared a special story that none of us knew. The story of the big tree in front of the Embassy. 

“In October 1991, the then Ambassador John Krogbeck and I went to Tamale. On our way back, it occurred to me that the Embassy needed some shade for our visitors who waited outside our walls. I brought this plant from Tamale, planted it and nurtured it. As the Embassy celebrates my service, I pray that may this tree continue to provide shade and signify long life, prosperity and peace for all our families and ourselves.”

Michael by the tree he planted in 1991

Michael shows how small the tree was when he brought it to the Embassy