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Press Releases - State Visit 2017

15.11.2017  10:12
Please find our latest press releases below

H.M. Queen of Denmark visited the Volta Region and the Akwamu King

 Photo: Ida Birkemose

On the last day of HM the Queen of Denmark’s State Visit, she sailed on the Volta River and visited the Akwamu King.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 25 November 2017

During her visit Her Majesty was accompanied by Mr. Anders Samuelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador of Ghana to Denmark, H.E. Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa and the Danish Ambassador Tove Degnbol.

HM the Queen held a press conference at The Royal Senchi Hotel attended by both Ghanaian and Danish media. HM Queen Margrethe II answered several questions

about her state visit to Ghana.

Her Majesty then sailed on the Volta River and met with the Akwamu King at his palace. The traditional drums set the stage, and Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III was presented with two bottles of Danish Akvavit, and libation was poured for the forefathers.

Her Majesty and King Akoto III then visited the museum where the Akwamu people have several items from our shared past on display including the old keys to Christiansborg. The Kingdom of Denmark and the Akwamu share a long history that stretches over centuries. The Akwamu managed to take over Christiansborg Castle from the Danes, and to this day, more than 300 years later, the Akwamu King is still in possession of a set of keys for the castle.


The Danish Queen held a Return Dinner for President Akufo-Addo and 300 Ghanaian and Danish Guests

Photo:Ida Birkemose

Danish musicians were flown in for the Return Dinner

Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark held a Return Dinner to reciprocate the hospitality of Ghana. The dinner was attended by the President and the First Lady, the Vice President and his spouse and around 300 guests.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 24 November 2017

More than 300 people were gathered earlier tonight, when Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, hosted an honorary return dinner for the President and the First Lady, the Vice President and his spouse and all the invited guests.

On the menu was a fusion between Ghanaian and Danish cuisine created by Ghanaian chef Selassie Atadika and Danish chef Nikolaj Kirk. After the two countries´ national anthems had been played by the Danish Brass Ensemble, the two chefs took the stage to talk about the food, saying the dishes were “Ghanaian dishes inspired by the Nordic Kitchen”.

In between the Ghanaian/Scandinavian dishes, entertainment was provided by several Ghanaian musicians. Bakabri sang songs in Twi, and later in the evening a female singer Asantewaa sang a song in Danish.
At the end of the Return Dinner the National Anthems sounded once more as is custom in Ghana.


Her Majesty the Queen met Danes in Ghana

Photo: Ida Birkemose

Her Majesty addressing the Danes in the Embassy garden

There are more Danes in Ghana than most would imagine. More than 80 Danes showed up to meet HM the Queen, when she visited the Embassy of Denmark in Accra.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 24 November 2017

Danes from all over Ghana were present when Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark arrived at the Embassy of Denmark in Accra. The Queen was accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen, and Minister for Environment and Food, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen.

Here HM the Queen first greeted the staff of the embassy and afterwards HM the Queen met the invited Danes who are currently residing in Ghana in the garden of the embassy. During the visit the Queen also presented Mr. Michael Faraday, who has been employed at the Embassy of Denmark in Ghana for 26 years, with a medal for his outstanding work during the last several decades.





Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark Visited the Port of Tema

Photo: Ida Birkemose

Her Majesty during a presentation at Tema

90 percent of Ghanas international trade happens by sea. Most of it - from crops to high tech - transits through the Port of Tema - Ghana’s gateway to the world.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 24 November 2017

The Queen today visited the port, witnessing first Danish company AAK loading Shea nuts onto a vessel bound for Denmark. The Shea nut is a wild crop, collected by thousands of primarily women in the rural parts of Ghana, is used for many things including chocolate, confectionery and cosmetics.

The Queen then visited the MPS container terminal, a modern, efficient terminal owned by a public-private partnership with 35 percent Danish ownership. At the terminal, the Queen witnessed operations on a Danish operated container vessel and visited the port expansion site.

A testimony to the strong public-partnership, and trust in Ghana’s continuing economic growth, MPS has invested 1,5 billion USD in the expansion.

Presenting the expansion site to the Queen was Mr. Port Expansion Director Mr. Jesper Kjærulf-Møller.

MPS’ port expansion represents the largest land-based infrastructure investment in Ghana’s history and is set to open in 2019.


Royal Visit to Novo Nordisk Diabetes Support Centre

Photo: Ida Birkemose

Danish medical company Novo Nordisk has opened eight Diabetes Support Centres in Ghana since 2014. Today one of the centres welcomed Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 24 November 2017

Public private partnerships (PPP’s) are growing in recent years. A good example of a PPP which has been a great success is the collaboration between the Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and the Ministry of Health in Ghana building eight Diabetes Support Centres since 2014.

The Diabetes Support Centres benefit people in Ghana with little awareness about diabetes – a disease that unfortunately currently is on the rise in Ghana.
Her Majesty the Queen met with Hon. Kweku Agyeman-Manu, Minister of Health, Dr. Bright David Teye, Dr. Augustine Kusi who is in charge of the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Centre and several patients who were being treated at the centre.

Also present was Lars Fruergaard Joergensen, the CEO of Novo Nordisk.


The Queen of Denmark Visited Arts & Design Centre

Accra-born Constance Swaniker welcomed Her Majesty the Queen to the Arts & Design Centre Ms. Swaniker founded to train young people in arts and crafts.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 23 November 2017

Art means a lot to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The Queen is both an avid painter and craftsman and was very interested in meeting skilled Ghanaian artists. Ms. Constance Swaniker is a great example of a highly skilled professional.

She embodies the skills of a true craftsman by being both a trained carpenter by trade and an artist by heart. When she greeted Her Majesty the Queen in front of the centre.

The Queen meets  upcoming artists

Then Constance Swaniker, whose surname is a Ghanaian adaptation of the Danish “Svanekjaer”, led Her Majesty the Queen inside whilst introducing the Queen to the artwork.

After seeing Ms. Swaniker’s works, there was a visit in the garden, where several young trainees of Ms. Swanikers were working on their projects. They told about their works to HM the Queen and afterwards Ms. Swaniker led the Queen through more of the centre, which has partly been funded by the Danish Embassy’s Private Sector Program.

Kente Exhibition

After the visit to Ms. Swaniker’s Arts Centre, Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark saw a Kente exhibition created by avid Kente collector Amadu Baba. Mr. Baba explained about the cultural and personal importance of the fabric from his extensive collection. HM the Queen is not only known for painting but also for creating imaginative costumes for Danish theatres and ballets.



Her Majesty the Queen met with chiefs at Osu Castle and witnessed a book launch

Photo: Ida Birkemose

Four chiefs welcomed Her Majesty the Queen when she went to Osu Castle today. During the Queen´s visit a book on Danish footprints in Ghana was launched.

 The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 23 November 2017

Accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen, the Queen arrived at Osu Castle earlier today. Here she was greeted by Hon. Catherine Afeku, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture and Hon. Samuel Kofi Ahiave Dzamesi.
Hon. Samuel Kofi Ahiave Dzamesi introduced the Queen to the four Chiefs in the court yard of Osu Castle.

Then Mrs. Naana Nyarkua Ocran, Acting Director for Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, told the guests about Osu Castle, formerly known as Christiansborg.

The visit to the old Danish castle, which has been used as the President’s residence up until 2013, was important and  acknowledged Denmark’s and Ghana’s shared past. During the visit HM the Queen was also present when Dr. Wellingtons book “Stones Tell Stories” was launched.
“Stones Tell Stories” was reprinted this year with the support of “Dronning Margrethe og Prins Henriks Fond ” and it tells the story of Dan


Osu King Welcomes Danish Queen

The historically close ties between Denmark and the Osu Kingdom were once again confirmed by a meeting between Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II and Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI at Osu Palace

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 23 November 2017

The Royal Danish Embassy has been located at the same place in North Ridge for decades. The Osu King has been landlord of both Osu Castle and the Embassy of Denmark during this period, and Her Majesty the Queen met with him to celebrate the longstanding collaboration between the two cultures.

HM the Queen of Denmark was invited to Osu Palace to witness the traditional pouring of libation for the forefathers in the courtyard of the palace.

Danish Ambassador to Ghana, Tove Degnbol gifted the King of Osu two bottles of Danish Akvavit as costume dictates. Libation was then poured on the ground, and the traditional verse was recited. Her Majesty thanked King Nii for the hospitality, and King Nii thanked Her Majesty for her presence at the event.




Photo:Ida Birkemose
39 Danish companies accompanying the Danish Head of State, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II on her State Visit to Ghana participated in a Trade Fair at Kempinski Hotel, Accra today. The trade fair was opened by the Vice President of Ghana, Mahamudu Bawumia.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 23 November 2017

As Ghana’s economy has grown over the last decades, the relationship between Ghana and Denmark is in transition from a partnership based on development cooperation to a trade based partnership.The Danish companies were therefore very eager to meet with Ghanaian companies at the trade fair and interacting with a Ghanaian audience.

The trade fair was officially opened by H.E. the Vice President, Mahamadu Bawumia today.

Photo:Ida Birkemose
Two children handed H.M. the Queen flowers when she arrived

The trade fair focuses on three sectors: Food and Agriculture, Sustainability and Maritime, Infrastructure & Railways.

Denmark has had longstanding diplomatic relations with Ghana dating back to 1961, when the first Danish Embassy was opened.


Photo: Ida Birkemose Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark was officially received by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at Flagstaff House earlier today.

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 23 November 2017

The national anthems of Ghana and Denmark were played at the welcoming ceremony offered to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in front of Flagstaff House. After honour guards, gun salutes and traditional music, President Akufo-Addo invited Her Majesty to the Flagstaff House, where the courtesy call took place. Denmark’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen, and Ghana’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration along with Danish and Ghanaian dignitaries were also present at the courtesy call.



 Photo:Ida Birkemose

Her Majesty the Queen was greeted by Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

This evening the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, arrived at Kotoka International Airport. Travelling with her was the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anders Samuelsen and Minister for Environment and Food, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 22 November 2017

The Ghanaian Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, H.E. Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa, the Ghanaian ambassador to Denmark and Tove Degnbol, the Danish ambassador to Ghana all welcomed HM the Queen to Ghana. Upon arrival the Queen met with representatives from the Ghanaian and Danish press.

 “I am very happy to be here in Ghana,” Her Majesty the Queen said.

The State Visit

The state visit to Ghana will be a demonstration of the close relations between the two countries. Ghana and Denmark have longstanding historical ties, and the first Danes arrived in the country in 1659.

The state visit takes place 23-25 November and has, among other things, the objective of supporting the Danish-Ghanaian collaboration “From Aid to Trade”, which has achieved a great amount of goodwill through the years. This goodwill has built up through many years of development cooperation, and especially Danida’s collaboration has given Denmark recognition in Ghana.

Today, Ghana has the status of a lower middle-income country and is expected to reach an annual economic growth of seven to eight percent in the near future. Thus, it’s expected that the relationship between Denmark and Ghana between now and 2020 will change to have a commercial and political focus while the development cooperation will cease.

The development in Ghana is reflected in the state visit, in which the focus will be on history, culture and business. The Danish business delegation will be represented by competencies in the areas of agriculture and food products, sustainability, the maritime sector, infrastructure and railways.

During the stay, The Queen will be officially received by Ghanaian president H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, participate in the opening of the business promotional campaign, and visit various businesses and cultural institutions.

The trip to Ghana will be The Queen’s outward-bound state visit no. 53. Since her accession to the throne in 1972, The Queen has been on state visits to large parts of the world. The first were to Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland, and the latest was to Indonesia in 2015.

Then as now, the overall objective is to establish and strengthen the ties between the countries. In addition to that, a state visit must develop social, commercial and cultural relations and support efforts or assistance that Denmark has provided to specific sectors in the individual countries.




Click here to download the full brochure



Official pictures of Her Majesty the Queen and other key persons  

Photo: Keld Navntoft




Journalists meet Ambassador of Denmark ahead of State Visit

Photo: Andreas Johansen


The official residence of Ambassador of Denmark, Tove Degnbol, was filled to the brim with journalists ahead of the official Danish State Visit

The Embassy of Denmark, Accra, 15/11-17

With just over a week before Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark arrives in Kotoka International Airport, the Danish State Visit to Ghana is getting a lot of attention in the Ghanaian press. 

Therefore the Ambassador of Denmark, Tove Degnbol, had invited journalists to her residence for an informal press briefing where interested journalists had a chance to hear more about the background and programme for the Queen’s visit to Ghana.

Tove Degnbol welcomed a total of 40 journalists, and it did not take them long to start asking interesting questions about Denmark, the Queen, and the elements of the State Visit.

Journalists took the stage

After a brief welcome by the ambassador, three talented journalists that had previously been in Denmark took center stage to tell their colleagues about their days in Denmark. Bernard Avle, Portia Gabor, and Kate Babaa Hudson told about the Danish obsession with sustainable energy, cleanliness, and paying taxes.

They were particularly excited about the exclusive interview they had got with the Queen. Several interesting topics had been discussed, and Mr. Avle even tried to get the Queen to discuss politics - which she aptly avoided.

Apart from a few issues with the somewhat different Danish eating habits (cold rye bread sandwiches for lunch), Kate, Portia, and Bernard had been pleased with the experience of visiting Denmark.

How to join the visit

Esther Cobbah from Stratcomm closed the briefing by explaining the visit programme and the principle of organising ‘pools’ of Danish and Ghanaian journalists for each of the elements in the programme. A bus with limited capacity will be provided for selected journalists, and Stratcomm and Mrs. Ida Birkemose from the Embassy of Denmark will be available for assisting the journalists.

Journalists interested to join can contact Mrs. Ida Birkemose via the following number: 0556747988 or Stratcomm via 0209046461 or e-mail:

Aid to Trade

When leaving the residence, the journalists were given a summary of a documentation of the Danish “Aid to trade” experience which has recently been prepared. The e-version of the study, including a series of small films, is found here