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Maritime Security

Ghana is located by the Gulf of Guinea, an area where Maritime Security has international attention. As a seafaring nation, ensuring the safety of seafarers and trade to- and from West Africa are central to Denmark.

Piracy and armed robbery at sea is a challenge of global proportions and a joint global responsibility - a responsibility, which Denmark is strongly committed to fulfil. For Denmark, responsible for more than ten percent of the global transport measured in value, the problem of piracy and armed robbery at sea is substantial.

The Gulf of Guinea has been a cause of increasing international concern, as the attacks may involve great risk to the crew on the captured ships. As a seafaring nation Denmark also has considerable trading interests in West Africa, as well as a comprehensive development commitment.

In the Danish strategy against piracy and armed robbery at sea, the Gulf of Guinea is a focus area. Denmark is committed to combat the problem, to support international and regional efforts and seeking long-term, sustainable solutions.