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Partnering with Denmark

The Danish Maritime Authority, Ministry of Business and Growth and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have joined forces to partner with authorities in Ghana in order to build capacity and create better framework conditions for the maritime industry.

Over 90 percent of African imports and exports happens by sea. As West African nations transition from lowest income into middle income countries, it is crucial that the maritime trade - West Africa's connection to the world market - is efficient.

The foundations of trade are already here. West Africa has over the past years sustained impressive growth rates. Oil exploration has begun. And in several of the countries along the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, new harbour terminals are being developed, to allow bigger, more efficient vessels to enter the trade.

Yet infrastructure and resources cannot stand alone. Good maritime governance, efficient maritime regulation, capable administrators and trade driving framework conditions allowing the maritime trade, maritime industry and offshore sector to responsibly thrive are all central elements in enabling trade - and entrenching local growth.

This is where our cooperation comes into play. 

Our partnering efforts centres around Ghana - a long standing Danish partner in the region. By taking a humble approach, working with Ghanaian authorities on issues driven by their demand, we offer the expertise of Danish Authorities on how to create world-class, business friendly maritime framework conditions.

Welcome to our programme!