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"I am half Ghanaian - whether I like it or not"

Political scientist student, model, Instagrammer and columnist – David Christensen is successful in a lot of areas. Some of it might be because of his father’s country, Ghana. A country David has yet to visit himself.

David Christensen immerses from the cold water. His brown skin stands in clear contrast with the landscape. He is winter bathing like a lot of Danes do in the colder months. David is Danish but his dad’s genes blessed him with his beautiful skin tone. So far skin, hair and dark eyes are the only Ghanaian part of David though. He never visited Ghana.

”First of all we never travelled much when I grew up and secondly, I have never met my Ghanaian father,” David says.

It is natural to be curious about where you come from, but maybe the fact that Ghana was represented by a father that was never there influenced David’s wish to see where his ancestors used to live.

“Ghana was always there – whether I liked it or not. As a kid, African men would greet me on the streets, even though I did not know them. And I will go to Ghana. I do not know when – but I will go some day. I do not think I want to do anything special other than just soak it all in – the people, the ambience, the culture and of course indulge on the food,” David says.


Making it to the top
Even though David grew up in a rough neighbourhood outside of Copenhagen and was a nuisance in school he now studies political science at University of Copenhagen.

“What drives me is the awareness that I am doing something that no one expected of me when I was a seven year old kid. I want to make it to the very top of a system that is far from accessible for people of my colour and from where I grew up,” David says.

David is 20 years old now and besides studying, he has also written several columns in Danish newspapers, he is a model and his Instagram is also getting more attention.

“When modelling my Ghanaian ancestors have definitely also given me a great advantage, as my skin colour stands out from most Scandinavians. It is still a tough business though,” he says, “Oh, and one last thing - the way I dance is different from my Danish friends. That is probably also due to my roots and with a little help from my African and Jamaican friends.”

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