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IceKiid's African Hit

Meet the new music sensation in Denmark: IceKiid. His recent hit “Afrikaner” (African) is a song about the two countries that have made him who he is: Ghana and Denmark. The lyrics are in Danish, but the video is shot in Ghana, visually celebrating his Ghanaian roots.
We have asked IceKiid why he wrote the song and how it reflects his dual identity as half Ghanaian, half Danish.

Listen to the Afrikaner

What motivated you to write “Afrikaner”?

IceKiid: I think it’s a combination of all the things I have experienced in my life and that particular moment in the studio when I heard my producer’s beat for the first time. But what inspired me was also very much the current situation in Denmark and the media.

The song is indeed a tribute to your African roots. What is it that makes you particularly proud of being an African of Ghanaian descent?

IceKiid: I am very proud of my Ghanaian heritage and of what Ghanaian culture has given me. To give you an example: In Ghana people are less privileged than here, yet out there in the streets people express so much joy and they care a lot about one-another. These are some of the things I wish were less absent in Denmark. But please don’t forget that the song is also very much about my pride in being a Dane, if you listen carefully to it.

The video to “Afrikaner” is a series of images from Ghana. Where are the shots from?

IceKiid: We shot the video in Accra and its outskirts. We picked visuals from the cultural scape in order to give my audience an idea of Ghanaian/African culture. I wanted to give people back home with African roots something to relate to, not just visually but indeed emotionally.


You sing the song in Danish. Why Danish and not English?

IceKiid: Because Danish is my mother tongue and my target audience are Danes/Scandinavians. But I am still young and I evolve personally and artistically all the time – so who knows, maybe one day I will sing in a different language

In what ways do Ghana and Denmark inspire you personally and artistically?

IceKiid: The inspirations I take from Denmark are my surroundings and everyday life experiences. When it comes to Ghana, my main inspirations are my family, the way of life and the way of being together, but also the music and its rhythms.

Are you part of any Ghanaian artistic scene in Denmark?

IceKiid: I am not. I am part of Cannibal Records which is an independent record label. We are a group of African artists of different African nationalities.

What is your relation to Ghana and Denmark like?

IceKiid: I am born and raised in Denmark but my roots are Ghanaian since I have Ghanaian parents. I have quite an extensive family in Ghana that I try to visit as often as I can

What is the biggest difference between Denmark and Ghana as you see things?

IceKiid: The way I see things, the biggest difference is of a physical-material nature. We have better infrastructure in Denmark and the standard of living is significantly different. Yet, happiness is not always about that. And then there is the weather!

In your opinion, what could Ghana teach Denmark and vice versa?

IceKiid: That’s a tough question – because I grew up in Denmark and when I am in Ghana it’s only to visit. But on a more general note, what I think everybody should take as a lesson is to never take anything for granted and to take a more positive stance on things.

What do you aspire to as an artist as well as a person?

IceKiid: I dream BIG. I have always dreamt big. I aspire to be remembered for who I am and I aspire to spread love and unite people through musical rhythm and lyrical thoughts.


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