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"Right to Dream is about much more than football"

On the football pitches at Right to Dream around 90 students are training at the moment. Each year they have to say goodbye to some of them, as they pursue a career in football or education. One of them is Abdul Mumin.

When Abdul Mumin was just 13 years he joined the Right to Dream Academy close to Akosombo. He moved from his family home in Kumasi to live with the other aspiring football players, but moving away from home, was not as hard as you could expect.

”Of course it was difficult, but what I got out of it was much more giving than the troubles that follow when you move from home,” says the now 18 year old Mumin.

And he really did get a lot out of it. After five years at Right to Dream the Danish football team FC Nordsjælland paid for him to be part of their defence in 2016. He already played his first game just days after arriving to Denmark.

“But Right to Dream is about much more than football. They really make the young kids there into whole people. It is a place that builds character. I have learned compassion and caring just as much as kicking the ball,” says Mumin.

In December 2015 the owner of Right to Dream bought the Danish football team FC Nordsjælland. Watch a video of the U/13 team visiting Ghana where they practised football and giving back:

Mumin’s passion
Football practise takes a lot of Mumin’s time in Denmark, but he still finds days to play tourist in his new town. He is exploring Copenhagen when he has the time to do so, and right now as the weather is turning from winter to spring, he actually prefers just to walk through the streets.

“For Danes going to Ghana I would really advice them to go to Cape Coast Castle. Cape Coast is a beautiful site, and the castle tells a lot about Ghana and also the history the two countries share,” says Mumin. 

As to Mumin’s future, for now he is enjoying his new job in FC Nordsjælland and is looking forward to improving even more.

“Football really is my passion. It is what I love, and when I play I feel my mood rising. I learn each time I play a game, so it is exciting to se where I will end,” he tells.

Watch a video about one of the other inspiring kids from Right to Dream. Jarlea wants to go the school way though: