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Documents: Business visits

You can be issued a visa in connection with a business visit if there is an actual commercial relationship between your own company/organisation and the company/organisation in Denmark which you wish to visit.

The relationship with the company or organisation in Denmark must have been established prior to your entering Denmark, and the purpose of your visit must be related to your line of business in your country of origin. Read more about the specific rules for business visits on the web-site of the Danish Immigration Authorities.

Applicants for business visas must – in addition to the basic supporting documents – submit the following supporting documents;

  • A signed original invitation from a firm or an authority in Denmark to attend meetings, conferences or events connected with trade, industry or work. The invitation must specify a programme for the visit and who bears the cost of travel and for upkeep during the stay.
  • Other documents that show the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes, i.e. invoices, orders, bills of lading, contracts, and memorandums of understanding.
  • Copy of inviting company’s entry in the central business register (CVR), not more than 6 months old.
  • Entry tickets or exhibitors’ ID for fairs and congresses if appropriate.
  • Documents proving the business activities of applicant’s company, i.e. company’s business registration certificates, “Form A”, tax clearance certificate, and bank statement for the most recent three months
  • Documents proving the applicant’s employment status in the company, typically a letter from applicant’s employer in the home country introducing applicant as their employee / representative.

This is to document that:

  • For purposes relating to his trade, the applicant wishes to come to Denmark to trade, conclude agreements, inspect products, etc. with a business relation in Denmark,
  • The applicant is a business operator,
  • The stay in Denmark is related to the business operated by the applicant in his home country,
  • Prior to the applicant’s entry into Denmark, an agreement has been made or a contact established with the inviting enterprise in Denmark.
  • The enterprise in Denmark has acknowledged that the visit is expected and confirmed the purpose of the visit.