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Documents: Cultural or scientific visits

You can be granted a visa in order to take part in cultural or scientific events such as congresses, sporting events, etc.

Cultural and scientific events include, for example, conferences, sports events, folk high school stays and the like, and the documentation requirements depend on the type of stay.

For example, in relation to visa applications for participation in a sports event, the applicant must show that he or she has the required knowledge of the sport in question and has been involved in the sport at a certain professional level prior to the wish to enter Denmark, for example in the form of proof of membership of a professional sports club or the like. In relation to visa applications for folk high school stays, applicants must provide documentation for his or her educational background and language qualifications.

Read more about conditions for visas for cultural or scientific visits on the web-site of the Danish Immigrations Authorities.

Applicants must – in addition to the basic supporting documents – submit the following supporting documents;

  • A signed original invitation from an authority, educational institution, research institution or organisation in Denmark to attend a cultural or scientific event, inter alia conferences, sports events, and folk high school stay.
  • Enrolments or programmes stating wherever possible the name of the host organisation and the length of stay or any other appropriate document indicating the purpose of the journey.
  • Either of the above documentation must specify who bears the cost of travel and for upkeep during the stay.
  • Entry tickets for congresses or other events where appropriate.
  • Educational certificates held by the applicant.
  • Documents proving the applicant’s professional status in the home country, e.g. leave letter / letter of introduction from employer, a sports association or scientific body.

This is to document that:

  • The event is organised by Danish authorities, educational institutions, research institutions or organisations,
  • The applicant has an educational background or special knowledge warranting participation in the event in question,
  • The purpose of the participation in the event is confirmed by the host.