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How to apply

Applications must be submitted through the Visa Facilitation Centre (VFS) on Kakramadu Road, in Cantonments, Accra (next to the Goethe Institute). Applications are received every workday between 8:00 and 14:00. Group applications (5 or more) must be submitted between 8:00 and 10:00.

You must submit your visa application in person. Applicants outside Ghana should see pages titled 'Applicants outside Ghana' and 'Where to apply'.

You will need to be fingerprinted and you may be called in for an interview after submitting your application. The fee for processing a visa application is 60 Euro + a 30 Euro fee to VFS. All fees are to be paid to VFS in GHS. It is possible to submit an application directly at the Embassy. This will require prior booking through e-mail to

NB: It is possible, however, to submit an application directly at the Embassy. This will require prior booking through e-mail to
Do note, however, that appointments are granted only on Wednesdays and usually within two weeks.

Limited daily quota

A maximum of 25 applicants will be received per day. Thus, it is recommended that you come early to submit. Applicants will be attended to on a first come, first serve basis, and applicants arriving at the VFS after the quota has been exhausted, will be requested to return the following day. If you can document that you are not resident in Ghana, you may be attended to irrespective of the daily quota.


You may be called for an interview at the Embassy as part of the assessment of your application. The Embassy may also call you on phone to ask for more information. Within 5-7 days after you have submitted your application, VFS will inform you if you are required to come for an interview.

Applicants who can document that they are not resident in Ghana can be considered for an interview on the first workday (except Fridays) after submitting an application to VFS. Applicants not living in Ghana are advised to submit their applications to VFS on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, if they have only limited time in Ghana.

Supporting documents

In order for the Embassy to smoothly assess your application, it is essential that you submit the required supporting documentation. A comprehensive list of required documents is available on the Embassy’s web-site.

VFS in Accra and Abidjan