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There are several ways to invite a visitor.

The host in Denmark can write a letter or use a special form (a VU1, VU2 or VU3 form). If the host chooses to write a letter, the same kind of information as indicated in the form, should be provided.

You can read more about the different ways to invite a visitor on the web-site of the Danish Immigration Service

The visa applicant must submit the invitation (or the invitation ID from an on-line invitation) together with the visa application. You should not send an invitation to the Embassy.

The host should also provide applicant with a copy of the photo page of the host’s passport and a copy of the host’s Danish residence permit (if applicable).

Invitation form for visa applications (VU2):

Invitation for an application for a business visa (VU1):

Invitation for an application for a visa for cultural events, teaching sessions, courses, sport events etc.