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Fees for visa and residence permits

Fees must normally be paid when a foreign national applies for a visa or residence permit.

The fee for processing a visa application is (in 2016) 60 EUR + a 30 EUR administration fee to VFS. All fees are to be paid to VFS in local currency (GHS).

If you are applying for a residence permit you should normally — in addition to the fees above — pay a processing fee in order for your application to be processed by the authorities in Denmark. Please consult the web-site of the deciding authorities in Denmark for more information about fees related to processing applications for residence permits.

The fees are covering:

  • Handling at VFS (30 EUR)
  • Handling at the Embassy (60 EUR)
  • Handling of applications for residence permits by the authorities in Denmark (overview here).

Fees must be paid upon submitting the application and will not be refunded if a visa is not granted or the application withdrawn.

Please be aware that the Visa and Consular Section has introduced two new modes of payment. Read more here.