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Getting a tour of Ghana's advanced ID manufacturer

15.03.2017  11:29

Wearing a hairnet, a white laboratory coat and blue plastic protection on his shoes, Moses Baiden, the CEO of ICPS (Intelligent Card Printing Systems), took the Danish Ambassador to Ghana, Tove Degnbol, and others guests on a tour of the now officially opened ID and card printing factory in Accra.

ICPS is a 28 year old company which manufactures plastic cards for the financial, security and telecommunication industries in Ghana and internationally. With a donation in 2015 of 3.5 million dollar from the Danish Embassy for state of the art equipment, the factory has paved the way for Ghanaian banks, to locally produce and manufacture MasterCard and Visa.


Moses Baiden

Walking through the factory, we see machines spitting out pieces of printed paper faster than lightning, stamping on advanced UV-light reflective symbols, a room where ID cards are bend and smashed and tested to secure the highest standard, and brown boxes filled with car-registrations from all over Ghana, that ICPS is digitalizing. There is no doubt, when on a  tour of the factory, that this is modern and sophisticated machinery.

A Danish-Ghanaian collaboration
During Moses Baiden’s speech on March 1, the Danish Embassy, DANIDA, and IFU (Industrialisation Fund for Development Countries) were mentioned several times. He recalled how the company started as a small business in his father’s house and how it since then has expanded to be the present leader in the area of intelligent card production in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Since 1989, we have grown from a 100-dollar business to where we are today, which shows that DANIDA’s bet on us and the private sector support programme was a good bet. We would like to thank Denmark for all the support and belief in this system,” he said.

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