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Incubator says goodbye: "The Embassy has opened doors for us"

16.05.2019  12:27
BLUETOWN is moving out of their office at the Danish Embassy

Every weekday for the past three and a half years, Ole De Leeneer, country manager of BLUETOWN Ghana, has walked through the gates at the Danish Embassy in Accra to go to work. BLUETOWN, a company that provides low-cost, sustainable Wi-Fi solutions to people in rural areas, has worked in one of the Embassy’s incubator offices since they started their business adventure in 2016, but now the lease contract has ended.

“Our company has benefited greatly from our collaboration with the Embassy. If I had business-related questions I could just go down the hall and talk to The Trade Team or the Ambassador,” says Ole De Leeneer.

BLUETOWN will move to their new location in Airport City while the Danish Investment Fund IFU will take over their office.

A close collaboration
BLUETOWN was the first company to move into the Embassy’s incubator office. Besides being next-door-neighbours, the company has also benefited from the service offered by The Trade Council at the Embassy.

“They have helped us set up meetings and get access to important stakeholders as well as knowledge sharing on everything from relevant business partners to legal and financial advice which has been a great help,” the country manager explains.

BLUETOWN’s "goodbye" was marked with a reception where Ambassador Tove Degnbol and Head of Trade Søren Robenhagen thanked BLUETOWN for the close collaboration.

“It is sad to say goodbye because the Embassy staff is like friends to me. There is also something secure about having an office where you feel a hint of Denmark. But this is not the finale goodbye, I plan to stop by once in a while and I’ll continue to work with the Embassy,” says Ole De Leeneer.

The Embassy has a third incubator office that is currently empty an available for rental. 

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