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Five short documentaries on corruption in Ghana

Corruption remains a canker in the Ghanaian soceity and it is a key challenge for the Government, the business community, the civil society, and all citizens to fight the malpractices that result in leakage of massive resources which should have been spent to build the country.

In five short documentaries, it is shown how corruption negatively affects all levels of the Ghanaian society. The films were taken during 2016 before the election, but the issues portrayed and discussed are still relevant. The films offer an important insight into the role of corruption in the education system, in the everyday life of many Ghanaians, and in the business community. They also give voice to some of the civil society organisation which have dedicated their effort to fight corruption, and they present an overview of the challenges that remain.

The films have been produced by Batavia Media ApS with support from Danida. You can watch them all here.

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