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The Ambassador's blog

Welcome to the Ambassador's blog where you can read my thoughts on relevant topics.

It is a privilege and an honour to be the Ambassador of Denmark to Ghana.

Ghana and Denmark have had close relations as far back as anyone can remember, and over the years the relations have become more comprehensive and of mutual benefit for our two countries. While the development cooperation is still significant, we are presently in a transition where other types of joint activities are become more and more important. Poverty is not history in Ghana, and Denmark is contributing to improve the conditions of poor and marginalised people, but Ghana’s positive development and its status as a lower middle-income country have also allowed our commercial cooperation to increase substantially in recent years. Denmark stands ready to respond to Ghana’s need for ‘greening’ its economy and to its wish to leap as far as possible in the use of renewable technology.

We are working together on furthering the human rights agenda in regional and international fora, we have a vivid cultural cooperation, Danish researchers are frequently doing studies in Ghana, and many leading Ghanaian researchers have received their training in Denmark. The interest in visiting each other is ever growing; high-level visits, business visits, family visits, and visits with a cultural purpose keep our visa section very busy and is an indication of the ties among the people of our two countries.

For me, Ghana and West Africa have been close to my heart for many years. Since I first visited the region almost 30 years ago, and during my various stays over the years, I have wanted to come back and engage in our joint activities. It is an honour to lead a team in the Embassy of Denmark who is eager to further develop our cooperation and who is at the service of Danish and Ghanaian citizens, organisations and companies. We are doing our best to be helpful, and we welcome any feedback on how you see our efforts.

Yours Sincerely,

Tove Degnbol