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Anti-Corruption for Businesses

The Embassy of Denmark is strongly committed to combating corruption. Specifically aimed at curbing corruption in the business sector, the Embassy has launched an anti-corruption network for Danish companies where they can express and exchange their concern. The Embassy is consolidating their input and follows up with relevant authorities.

When Ambassador Tove Degnbol released her Ambassador's blog in February 2017, the theme was corruption and its detrimental effects also on the business environment. The message was quickly picked up by Ghanaian media, including Business and Financial Times, which published an article based on the blog. The vocal addressing of the problems with corruption in Ghana also reverberated in Danish media resulting in several interviews and positive feedback from Danish companies.

In August 2017, the United States Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Robert P. Jackson, spoke about the difficulties of doing business in Ghana. Quoting the Danish Ambassador to Ghana, Ms. Tove Degnbol, he said:

These companies would rather lose an order than become involved in the endless game of paying and being required to pay even more.”

Today, the Embassy continues to work with anti-corruption measures, and with the anti-corruption network initiative, the Embassy is putting action behind the words. The main objective of the network is to use the experiences of companies operating in Ghana to identify unclear processes and procedures that are prone to pressure for corruption. The Embassy uses this platform to engage with relevant authorities with the aim of having unclear procedures streamlined and simplified, human interaction replaced by electronic procedures, and better monitoring of the institutions where the problem is largest. This is done without compromising the anonymity of the members of the network.

As part of the efforts, the Embassy is happy to launch an anti-corruption hotline service. Acknowledging that occasionally the pressure put on those refusing to pay illicit fees can be very high and situations can be deeply unpleasant, the Embassy wishes to offer emergency assistance to Danish companies finding themselves in such situations. Danish companies can sign up for the anti-corruption hotline service and will receive the contact details of the Ambassador. When called, she will intervene and mediate in critical situations. This service is free of charge.

To sign up for the service, please write an e-mail to with "Anti-corruption hotline service" in the subject line and provide your company contact details.

Documentaries about corruption

In five short documentaries, it is shown how corruption negatively affects all levels of the Ghanaian society. The film were taken during 2016 before the election, but the issues portrayed and discussed are still relevant. The film offer an important insight into the role of corruption in the education system, in the everyday life of many Ghanaians, and in the business community. They also give voice to some of the civil society organisation which have dedicated their effort to fight corruption, and they present an overview of the challenges that remain.

The film have been produced by Batavia Media ApS with support from Danida. You can watch them all here