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Regional Cooperation

The Trade Council in Ghana is working closely together with the three other Trade Councils in Sub-Saharan Africa, i.e. in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Together, the four Trade Councils go under the common name The Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To create synergies in the region, all four Trade Councils have chosen the same three priority sectors, namely Water & Environment, Food & Agriculture, and Energy. The Trade Councils have worked together on delivering assignments for Danish companies wishing to explore the opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa within these sectors.

In January 2018, the regional Trade Council Team had its first meeting in Pretoria, South Africa. The next regional meeting will be in Accra in February 2018.

You can follow the Trade Council of Denmark in Sub-Saharan Africa’s work on LinkedIn here and visit the webpages of the other Sub-Saharan African Trade Councils here:

The Trade Council in Kenya.

The Trade Council in Nigeria.

The Trade Council in South Africa