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Danida Funding Options

As part of the still ongoing development cooperation between Denmark and Ghana on private sector development, Danida is supporting three funds from which grants can be sought: Skills Development Fund (SDF), Business Sector Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC), and Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC). The two first-mentioned operate on a matching grant basis, while GCIC has another modality. In addition, Rural Development Fund (RDF) is providing funds to financial institutions to on-lend to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Also a number of civil society organisations work in Ghana based on Danish funding. Some of these have activities in the Northern Region and have offices in Tamale, while others work across the entire country.

Finally, Denmark is supporting research collaborations between researchers based in Danish and Ghanaian research institutions. Danida Fellowship Centre is responsible for the management of this support and advertise calls for applications.

For a description of the various funding options, please see this link where also contact details to all relevant partners are given.