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Danish Development Cooperation with Ghana

Development cooperation between Denmark and Ghana began in 1957, and Ghana is still one of Danidas major partner countries. However, Denmark is phasing out of development cooperation at the end of 2020.

The main activities in Denmark’s current development cooperation with Ghana are the following three programmes:

  1. Tax and Development Programme (T&DP) (2015-2019). DKK. 230 mill. The T&DP has two components; the first component supports the Ghana Revenue Authority; the second component supports Domestic Accountability, through core funding of two leading NGOs in Ghana, IMANI and Ghana Integrity Initiative.
  2. Right to Services and Good Governance Programme (RSGGP) (2014-2018). DKK. 250 mill. The RSGGP supports judicial reforms and access to justice, decentralisation (including the District Development Facility and the Office of the Head of Local Government Service) as well as human rights and anti-corruption.
  3. Support to Private Sector Development (SPSD) III (2016-2020). DKK. 140 mill. The SPSD III programme supports the Skills Development Fund (SDF) and the Business Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC). Danidas support to the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), which was approved under the previous SPSD II, is also being managed under the SPSD III. The Danida support to the Rural Development Fund (RDF) continues under an institutional arrangement where the Investment Fund for Developing Countries has taken over the role of the Danish embassy.

Also funded by Danida, but outside of the Ghana country frame, are research collaboration between scientific institutions in Ghana and Denmark, multilateral agencies and a number of activities implemented by Danish and international Civil Society Organisations in Ghana.