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Tax & Development

Danida’s Tax and Development Programme covers the period 2015 to 2019.


About the programme 

In December 2014, Denmark signed an Agreement with the Government of Ghana (GoG) for a Tax and Development Programme (T&DP) to support the exit phase for Denmark’s participation in general budget support and as a complementary measure to support economic governance and the sustainability of GoG's public finances. The T&DP fits well into Denmark's overall strategy for the evolution of its relationship with Ghana. The programme contributes to the Denmark-Ghana Partnership Policy which reflects the evolving relationship between Ghana and Denmark as Ghana becomes increasingly self-reliant and the scope for commercial relations increases.

In the original design in 2014, the T&DP aimed to support economic governance, increased revenue collection, and the sustainability of the Government of Ghana's public finances. The T&DP comprised three development engagements, i.e. one with the Ghana Revenue Authority, one with the IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, and one with the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII). IMANI and GII are two of the leading NGOs in Ghana when it comes to transparency and accountability in the use of public funds, good governance, and anti-corruption.


In 2016, a midterm review recommended a refocusing of the programme, within the same overall objective and comprising the original three development engagement partners. The support to GRA has been re-focused with most support now going to a reduced number of activities related to customs under the GRA’s Second Strategic Plan, although some support to GRA’s tax functions is retained. Core support to GII and IMANI also continues under the programme, however with new activities being undertaken by each of the organizations to enhance the programme’s internal coherence. The programme has been extended to the end 2019 to allow for sufficient time for activities to be completed.


Please find the programme document here.