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Skills Development Fund turns local greenhouse business around

The Embassy of Denmark visited the Daily Farm Ltd. to learn how a grant from the Skills Development Fund has increased vegetal production significantly

The technical farm institute Daily Farm Ltd. in Dawhenya is now one of Ghana’s leading greenhouse operators thanks to the support of the Skills Development Fund (SDF). SDF supports business operations in both formal and informal sectors. The fund’s overall goals include increasing productivity, practical innovations as well as management and coaching support to help improve businesses competitiveness in Ghana and globally.

Staff from the Embassy of Denmark in Accra visited the farm on the 22nd of March to learn about the impact of the support from the SDF including a guided tour of some of the green houses by the Technology Transfer Specialist, Mr. David Muiri from Kenya.

Inceased yield and quality
Daily Farm Ltd. started production in April 2017 but has struggled with high production costs. To improve production techniques they approached the SDF for support to engage a training institution in Kenya to assist with training in modern greenhouse farming techniques. In November 2018 SDF supported Daily Farm Ltd. with a Grant of GHC 308,130 and the grant has already made significant improvements. For example, the production of tomatoes has increased from 3,8 kg per. plant to over 10 kg per plant, bell pepper from 3,5 kg per plant to 9 kg per plant and cucumbers from 3,2 kg per plant to 11 kg per plant.

The farm’s increase in production can help reduce the amount of imported vegetables and create more local jobs. 

The SDF is funded by the Ministry of Education of Ghana and Danida.