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The Danish Ambassador visits Alcatel

On Wednesday the 20th of August 2015 the Danish Ambassador, Tove Degnbol, visited the global telecommunications equipment company Alcatel – Lucent Denmark. She was welcomed by Export Director of Alcatel – Lucent Denmark, Mr. Jan Plenge, and the GPM of the project, Mr. Wolfgang Pfaff, as well as representatives from the National Information Technology Agency (NITA). The Ambassador was shown to the control room, where they monitor the network situation through the entire country, as well as the employees. Further, she was shown around the new headquarters where Alcatel – Lucent Denmark will be seated with NITA among others.


In December 2011 Alcatel – Lucent Denmark was appointed contractor for implementing the Rural Fibre Optic Backbone Link throughout the western part of Ghana, as well as to be the responsible party for the operations and management of the network. The project was presented to Danida with a request for financing under the Danida Business Finance programme. The request for financing was based on the fact that Alcatel – Lucent Denmark is a Danish supplier. Danida agreed to finance the project and have since been an engagement partner. The project brings internet to the most remote areas in Ghana and makes it therefore easier to study, do business, read news and communicate in the rural areas. The project is therefore very much in alignment with the Embassy’s projects for good governance.


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