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Danish and Ghanaian captains exchange knowledge and experience

Denmark has a Strategic Sector Cooperation between the Danish Maritime Authority, Ghana Maritime Authority and Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. The sector programme has been ongoing since 2015 and is now in its second phase.

As a part of the second phase, the Danish Maritime Authority, DanPilot and Aarhus Harbour, the second biggest city in Denmark, is working together with Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to find ways to improve the conditions for handling cargo and container ships in the harbour of Tema, including the new and much larger Terminal 3.

One way of improving the conditions is to train tug masters so they can take full advantage of the equipment already available at the harbour, in order for the shipping companies to optimize operations in the harbour.  Thus, three representatives from the Danish Maritime Authority, DanPilot and Aarhus Harbour visited Ghana on a so-called fact-finding mission to Ghana in August.

The aim was to learn how the tug masters work and hereby construct an optimal programme for training, based on their findings from the visit and especially the actual needs of the tugboat masters, which is at heart of the training. An approach that the technical manager at Ghana ports and harbours authority, George Ohene Bredu appreciates.

‘’I like the approach of the Danish government. They come down to us, identify the needs and train the people, so we get what we need,’’ he says.

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