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Ghanaian Tugboat Master navigating unknown waters in Denmark

Three Ghanaian tugboat master have attended a competence development course in Denmark as part of the Maritime Strategic Sector Cooperation between Ghana and Denmark. In the two weeks training course the four Ghanaian tugboat masters have had intense training in both ship simulators and real tugboat operations in Danish waters navigating in one of the busiest container terminals in Denmark; the port of Aarhus.


For the last 4 years, the Maritime Strategic Sector Cooperation has been focusing on competence development at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority supporting Ghana’s endeavours of becoming the Sub-Saharan maritime hub for container freight with the new, advanced MPS Terminal in Tema.


With a depth of 18 metres, the new MPS Terminal is one of the deepest, largest and technological advanced container ports in Africa. With a vision of increasing the annual amount of containers handled from 800,000 to 3,500,000 in less than 10 years, the terminal must rely on highly skilled maritime personnel.


Furthermore, Ghana is purchasing bigger and more powerful tugboats in other to safely, manoeuvre the huge containerships already calling port at the new Terminal.
In order to be able to handle both the bigger, heavier container vessels and the more advanced tugboats, three tugboat masters have been on an intensive two-weeks training course in Denmark.


As part of the training, the Ghanaian tugboat masters have trained in a real size computer simulator possible of imitating the exact surroundings at the new MPS Terminal in Tema. In this way, the tugboat masters have trained in handling bigger ships in the actual port of Tema whilst using the more advanced tugboats, which have not even been delievered to Ghana yet.


The use of simulator makes for a safe environment for the tugboat masters to test the limits of the new tugboats and the handling of bigger container vessels also under the influence of heavy wind, rainy conditions and strong current without the risk of damaging people or property.
In addition, the tugboat masters have been navigation one of the busiest container ports in Denmark bringing their own extensive experience and the simulator training into action in real life.

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