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Ambassador and Mayor of Accra Commissions the first Public Bricks Benches

Ambassador of Denmark, Tove Degnbol together with the Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah commissioned the first set of brick benches at the Kinbu Gardens. This is an initiative of the Brick and Tile Manufacturers of Ghana in partnership with Green Sun Villas Technical School (owned by Danish Real Estate Company, Green Sun villa) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. The day also marked the graduation ceremony of the first batch of bricklayers trained by the school. The public brick benches formed part of the practical exams of the graduates.

The Ambassador congratulated the Accra Metropolitan Assembly for embracing this initiative by the Brick and Tile Manufacturers of Ghana to create attractive public spaces for residents of the city of Accra to relax and rest in. “There is a lot to learn from Denmark. Copenhagen is described as the city for the people. Development of inclusive public spaces allows for a healthy public life where social interactions can occur on all platforms. It is my hope that all the public spaces of the city will seek to unite the entire population through such initiatives’’.

Furthermore, the Ambassador emphasised the importance of technical and vocation education in closing the skills gap. “A bricklayer for instance in Demark would typically go through four years skills training in order to deliver the highest quality. I am happy Green Sun Villas is helping transfer some of these skills to Ghanaian youth”.

The Mayor on his part reiterated that, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s plans to create a resilient and liveable city, which informed AMA to launch the Accra beatification and liveability project to convert open spaces, into beautiful public spaces to  change the landscape of the city. Together with the Brick and Tile Manufacturers of Ghana, AMA plans to roll out these public benches around the city.

Denmark, since 2012, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana has been supporting technical and vocational education and training through the Skills Development Fund (SDF). The SDF is a demand-driven challenge fund, which is addressing the skills needs of business enterprises operating in both the formal and the informal sectors of the economy of Ghana. The Fund has provided support to closing the skills gap in diverse sectors.

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