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Safe Delivery App creates positive results in Ghana

HEALTH: A Danish-developed app that guides midwives on how to handle complications connected to pregnancy and childbirth is now showing good results in Ghana.
Two years ago, a safe delivery app was launched and got instant attention from Ghanaian midwives, NGOs, representatives from the Ghanaian Ministry of Health and many more. The app aimed to significantly reduce the number of mothers and children dying during delivery.

This month, in a dissemination meeting in Tamale in the Northern Region held on September 19th, the results from the apps pilot-phase were presented. The results included the improvement of midwives' knowledge and case management skills as well as confidence in handling emergency maternal cases. In other words: The app has already made positive changes.

The app was developed by the Danish Maternity Foundation in collaboration with researchers from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. It provides midwives with animation videos that guide them through emergency obstetrics and provides them with E-learning tools. 

Expand the great solutions

Data from the Maternity Foundation shows that so far around 600 Ghanaians have downloaded the app. Out of these, one third uses the safe delivery app as the primary health facility. 

According to the midwives participating in the Tamale meeting, one of the strong features of the app is the videos. They  are based on theory taught at the midwife-school and  have become a reference point for the midwives as they contribute to establish a joint and clear understanding about how to tackle complicated births. 

With the positive results, there is no doubt that the knowledge about the safe delivery app needs to be further spread. At the dissemination meeting in Tamale, several midwives suggested that the app should be introduced to pre-service and in-service training.

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