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Mayor Sowah at C40 in Copenhagen: Climate action can also address unemployment

“The burning of waste is one of the main causes of emissions in Accra. We have a culture of burning waste, and that has to change. We need to promote storage and recycling waste, and here the informal sector can play an important role. Informal collectors collect over 35 per cent of the waste from households, and so far, they have dumped most of the waste on illegal dumpsites. We have closed 90 per cent of these sites and thus kicked informal waste collectors out of their jobs. But actually, informal waste collectors have also developed innovative waste recycling, so they do not only represent a problem, they are also part of the solution. If we can involve the informal sector in waste recycling, we can address the challenges of both climate change and unemployment,” Mayor Sowah told the audience of well over 2,000 people.

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