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Danish company brings Aburi online

BLUETOWN, a Danish tech company setting up solar driven Wi-Fi in rural parts of the world, launched a new project in Aburi, Ghana on Monday the 26th of August.

In their own words, they painted Aburi blue. This means that it now is possible for the citizens to go online for as low as one Ghana Cedi or 0.18 US dollar.


Bluetown painted Aburi blue.

For Irene Anane, a 20-year-old teacher-student in Presbyterian Women’s College, this means she can now search online for educational videos and gain new knowledge even when she is not in school.


‘’Before Bluetown, we had some access to the internet, but it was slow and expensive. With this solution, we can search for new information online and educate ourselves at home,’’ she explains.


Teacher student Irene Anane gave a speech at the BLUETOWN launch.

From aid to trade

In recent years, Ghana has moved from being a low-income country to being a lower-middle-income country. This has created new business opportunities for Danish companies, which in turn supports Ghana’s transition away from traditional development aid towards trade-based relations with its international partners.

Read more about the transition here.


Birgit La Cour Madsen, Deputy Head of Mission at the Danish Embassy shaking hands with the chief of Aburi, Otubuor Gyan Kwasi.

CEO of BLUETOWN Peter Ib is convinced that BLUETOWN strongly contributes to this development. 

‘’Our solution is at the heart of the aid-to-trade agenda, which is guiding the Ghanaian government and the Danish Embassy’s current work. We cooperate with NGOs and companies to contribute to local development in the countries that we work in. BLUETOWN is focused on creating shared value by contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while being a for-profit company,’’ he says.

‘’But I believe, the local student Irene said it perfectly. She is the one who will benefit every day from having affordable internet access in her town,’’ he finishes.

A group photo of all the participating chiefs, BLUETOWEN representatives and Head of Deputy from the Danish Embassy.


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