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Strategic Sector Cooperations

Three strategic sector cooperations between Danish and Ghanaian authorities will help create sustainable growth and development in Ghana

Better water supply and wastewater management in Tema, a safer maritime sector along the Gulf of Guinea, and stronger production of official statistics in Ghana. These are the focus points of three strategic sector cooperations (SSC) that Denmark and Ghana are currently enrolled in.

Strategic Sector Cooperation is a partnership between Danish and local authorities that take place in areas where Danish businesses have special competencies and in countries that have particular strategic and commercial significance for Denmark. Danish authorities will bring their expertise to Ghana and help the country continuing growth and development while Danish companies will gain an insight into the country’s needs and demands. This insight can help Danish companies develop and offer solutions that fit the local market.

Strategic Sector Cooperations are a way to promote Danish solutions internationally. Since the first SSC programs were started back in 2015 Danish authorities have helped public and private sectors develop green economies, urban planning, agriculture, food and health and much more.

Sector Cooperations in Ghana
Ghana Maritime Authority, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority and the Danish Maritime Authority were amongst the first authorities to join forces in a strategic sector cooperation in 2015. The focus was – and is – on framework conditions for sustainable growth in Ghana and the opportunities for Danish businesses operating in the country and the region.

The number of SSC has kept growing due to high demands from both countries and Danish authorities. In 2019, 12 new programmes were added and the total number of SSC is now 39 across 18 different countries. Two new SSC between Ghanaian and Danish authorities was also established: one between Aarhus Municipality and Tema Metropolitan Assembly that will create a more efficient and sustainable water management in Tema and a second SSC between Statistics Denmark and Ghana Statistical Service that focus on strengthening the use of administrative data in the production of official statistics in Ghana. 

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