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The (hi)story of a strong partnership

The strategic sector cooperation aims for Denmark to build a solid partnership with local authorities and to share experiences in the fields of good maritime governance, maritime skill and technical expertise and thereby assisting Ghana in developing further and preserving the country’s position as a positive political, social and economic stronghold in the region.

The Danish maritime sector has a strong, maritime presence in Ghana and West Africa in general. With more than 90 pct. of Ghana’s international trade taking place by sea and large offshore oilfields, it was obvious to focus on the maritime domain.

In 2015, the maritime sector cooperation between Ghana and Denmark was established comprising Ghana Maritime Authority, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and the Danish Maritime Authority. The focus was – and is – on framework conditions for sustainable growth in Ghana and the opportunities for Danish businesses operating in the country and the region.

The Strategic Sector Cooperation is a demand driven process based on input from Ghana and where these can be matched with Danish strongholds. Pursuing the notion and transition of “Going from Aid to Trade”, the cooperation aims at capacity building through sharing of Danish expertise benefitting both the Danish and Ghanaian maritime Sector.

The cooperation has inter alia resulted in:
•Ghana leapfrogging into the forefront in the use of digital navigation tools by being the fourth maritime country in the world to introduce advanced navigation capabilities.
•Introducing an e-navigation – free of charge – benefitting all users in the maritime domain from large commercial vessel to the small fishing vessels.
•Extensive train-the-trainer course in Denmark for Ghanaian Harbour Pilots to prepare the safe handling of larger vessels expected to call port in the new MPS Tema Port.
•Continuous work on implementation of IMO standards and mutual improvement of vessel inspectors in Denmark and Ghana through reciprocal seminars and workshops.