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Phase II 2018-2021

Following a successful phase I of the Maritime Strategic Sector Cooperation between Denmark and Ghana, the phase II was launched in March of 2019. The Minister of Transport, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, along with the newly appointed Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr. Thomas Kofi Alonsi and the Director General Andreas Nordseth from the Danish Maritime Authority, signed a contract for three-year collaboration.

In the picture: The Minister of Transport, Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, along with the Director General Andreas Nordseth from the Danish Maritime Authority after signing a contract for three-year collaboration between Denmark and Ghana.

With the advanced MPS Terminal in Tema, which opened in June 2019, Ghana is leapfrogging to having the deepest, largest, and most technical advanced container terminal in Africa. Ghana is already one of the foremost countries in the region to comply with international regulations and this collaboration aims at ensuring that Ghana stays in a leading position.
The phase II will further augment Ghana’s compliance with IMO regulations and standards. In a reciprocal collaboration between The Danish Maritime Authority and Ghana Maritime Authority, experts will be working on internal and external audits on maritime actors. This work is important as shipping in its nature is in international competition and with the new MPS Terminal, Ghana will be at the centre of competition in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Partnering with Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, four tugboat captains will improve their qualifications in Denmark by using ship simulators, which are able to resemble the new Tema MPS Terminal. The use of simulators makes for a safe environment for the tugboat masters to test the limits of the new tugboats and the handling of bigger container vessels, also under the influence of heavy wind, rainy conditions, and strong currents - without the risk of damaging people or property.

As a result of the phase I, Ghana was the first country in Africa, and among the first in the world, to pilot an e-navigation platform combined with a digital system to distribute navigational warnings. This system is accessible to every person with a smartphone, free of charge. In the phase II this platform will be further enhanced. Interagency collaboration will also be an important step towards ensuring a more effective and safe maritime environment in Ghanaian waters. Furthermore, the platform will be improved to also comprise the major shipping routes in the Volta Lake. This will enhance the utilisation of the Lake and benefit the communities living in the Volta Region.

Ghana and Denmark are committed to this maritime cooperation until 2021.