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Sustainable Water Management

A strategic sector cooperation has recently been launched between the Municipality of Aarhus and Tema Metropolitan Assembly with the aim of creating more efficient and sustainable water management in Tema

Ghana has made significant investments in the national water supply over the last decades thus resulting in a national coverage of 78%. Nonetheless, challenges do remain. Especially in regards to high, non-revenue water levels and poor operation and maintenance of water infrastructure.

Tema is one of the urban cities challenged by high, non-revenue water levels and a dated wastewater system. To encounter these challenges, the city of Tema and Ghana Water Limited Company have initiated a strategic sector cooperation (SSC) with the Municipality of Aarhus and Aarhus Vand A/S; the water utility of Aarhus – the second largest city in Denmark.

The SSC will focus on bringing safe water supply and sustainable wastewater treatment to Tema. Arhus Municipality and Aarhus Vand have previously had great success with non-revenue water and wastewater management. This experience combined with their expertise will ensure a viable support capacity building with local stakeholders in Tema.

The SSC was kick-started in February 2019 when the parties embarked on a one-year preparation project establishing the framework for the future cooperation. The cooperation will run for a period of three years: 2019-2022.

We will update this page as the cooperation make headway.

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