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First of its kind: Ghanaian Business Delegation to Denmark

26.09.2014  11:19


The delegation is the first of its kind and is fully funded by the Ghanaian delegates and through sponsorships from Danish companies. The delegation aims to develop business relations for purchase, trading and sharing of know-how between Ghanaian and Danish companies – now and in the future.

The delegation consists of 24 delegates, 21 being Ghanaian delegates from 15 companies. Additionally, 2 representatives from the Commercial Section at the Embassy and a representative from IFU will take part in the delegation.

Starting out in Copenhagen the delegation spends the first day visiting Danish companies/business institutions located in Northern Sealand and the Copenhagen area. Amongst these are Tandrup Water Solutions, supplier of safe and cost-effective water solutions.

On the second day the delegation journeys to Jutland to visit Kamstrup, DanSolar, and Grenaa Machine Factory. Companies specialized in water and energy metering, solar energy, and machine concepts for optimizing wind energy.
The delegation continues in Jutland on the third day paying visits to Vorning Machine Factory, Grundfos and Verdo. Companies specialized in construction of semi-automatic production plants, advanced pump solutions, and retailing of biomass.

During the delegation presentations from Danish companies as PSS Energy and Avista Oil will take place at Business Dinners Events.

During September and October the Commercial Section at the Embassy tend to finalize all arrangements related to the delegation. Furthermore, a departure-event for all the delegates is scheduled to be hosted at the Embassy in early November.

Questions and requests for further information about the delegation should be addressed to Commercial Attaché Jacob Kahl Jepsen,

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