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Basic conditions for visa

Denmark is part of the Schengen cooperation on visa regulations, which implies that the Embassy has to adhere to a set of common rules agreed by all Schengen States. The basic conditions for obtaining a visa to Denmark and other Schengen states, are as follows.

  • Your passport or other form of valid travel document must be valid for three months past the visa expiration date. Moreover, the passport or travel document must have been issued within the past 10 years.
  • You must have the necessary means to pay for your stay and return trip. What will be considered as necessary funds depends on the length of your stay, and whether you will stay at a hotel or with friends or family. As a general rule, you must have at your disposal approximately DKK 350 per day. A smaller amount may be accepted if you are staying in a private home and your host will cover all costs. If you are staying at a hotel, the amount must be greater, approximately DKK 500 per day.
  • You must hold a travel insurance policy to cover possible expenses in connection with a return for health reasons or death, indispensable medical treatment or acute hospitalisation during your stay. The insurance policy must cover all Schengen countries, and the minimum policy coverage is EUR 30,000. The insurance policy must be valid for the same period as the visa. The validity of the visa may be shortened if the insurance policy does not cover the entire period.

These conditions apply at the time your visa is issued, as well as when you enter and stay in the Schengen region. It is therefore important that you are able to document at all times that you have the necessary funds to pay for your stay and return trip, and that you hold a valid travel insurance policy.

The Embassy draws your attention to the fact that according to the Visa Code, article 47 (i), a Schengen visa does not constitute a right to enter the Schengen area as entry is conditional, cf. the Schengen Border Code. Article 47 (i) reads as follows:

“…mere possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry and that the holders of visa are requested to present proof that they fulfil the entry conditions at the external border, as provided for in Article 5 of the Schengen Borders Code.”

For a full copy of the Visa Code, please refer to this link: