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There are several ways to invite a visitor.

The host in Denmark can write a letter or use a special form (a VU1, VU2 or VU3 form). If the host chooses to write a letter, the same kind of information as indicated in the form, should be provided.

You can read more about the different ways to invite a visitor on the web-site of the Danish Immigration Service
The visa applicant must submit the invitation (or the invitation ID from an on-line invitation) together with the visa application. You should not send an invitation to the Embassy.

If information available in a letter of invitation is insufficient in order for embassy to assess the nature of the visit, an applicant may be asked to provide one of the available standardized invitation forms available from the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

Invitation form for visa applications (VU2):

Invitation for an application for a business visa (VU1):

Invitation for an application for a visa for cultural events, teaching sessions, courses, sport events etc.