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The Ambassador's Blog: The Embassy goes green   

After the installation of the solar panels and the new ACs in 2018, the energy consumption of the Embassy has shown a 46% reduction in only one year. The solar panels cover half of our energy consumption. The Embassy has also started a collaboration with a waste management company. We are now segregating our waste according to the categories: food, paper, glass, plastic, and non-recyclable.

Documentation Studies and Country Evaluations

As Ghana continues its path towards middle-income status, Denmark, a long standing partner of Ghana, is moving from aid to trade. This transition, together with all of our documentation studies and films belonging to these, can be watched and read here. This is also where you will find our country evaluation reports.

Copenhagen Conference Strengthens Ghana's Resolve to Combat Corruption

In October, Auditor General Daniel Domelevo travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark to participate in the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). Back in Ghana, the Auditor General shares some of his ideas on how Ghana can achieve more in the anticorruption area and how these ideas can be implemented in the Ghanaian reality.