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Report scams and cybercrime

Are you a victim of scams and other cybercrimes?

In Ghana, scams are widespread. Both nationals and foreigners fall victim to various forms of scams. These can be ‘love scams’ in which seemingly attractive ladies contact men via online channels such as social media, e-mail or Skype with the intention to establish a romantic relationship. In reality the ‘ladies’ are often men who manage several relationships at one time based on different identities with the aim of enriching themselves through funds they are able to talk their victims into transfer to them. Business proposals that look too good to be true are another type of scam. Unfortunately, the Embassy of Denmark see examples of both love- and business related scams on a continuous basis. Are you a Danish national uncertain about the nature of a proposal you have received with a link to Ghana please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are a victim of a cybercrime or a cybersecurity incident, please contact the National Cyber Security Centre of Ghana on one of the contact points in the picture below. You can also find more information here.