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At the embassy, we are determined to maintain the highest standards of integrity and work ethics among our staff and across all areas of activity. We therefore maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption in all its forms.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy and its Code of Conduct are applicable to all staff working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and at Danish Missions. Its purpose is to ensure and support behaviour and work ethics characterised by the highest standards of personal and organisational integrity, both internally and externally with our many different partners.

Anti-corruption’s Code of Conduct

  1. We will avoid any conflict – real or potential – between our personal interests and the interests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. We will not give or accept bribery in any form.
  3. We will not for private purposes seek to influence any person or body by using our official position or by using force or threats.
  4. We will not use deception, trickery or breach of confidence to gain an unfair or dishonest advantage.
  5. We will not misappropriate or otherwise divert property or funds entrusted to us.
  6. We will not give, solicit or receive directly or indirectly any gift or other favour that may influence the exercise of our function, performance of duty or judgement. This does not include conventional hospitality or minor gifts.
  7. We will not favour friends, family or other close personal relations in recruitment, procurement, aid delivery, consular services or other situations.
  8. We will report any evidence or suspicion of breach of this Code of Conduct.

Report corruption

Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has set up a hotline where callers can report corruption.

Mobile app (IOS and Android): Eye on Corruption

WhatsApp: +233 (0) 577 665 295

Email: [email protected]

Text messaging: +233 (0) 552 558 724

Toll free telephone line, MTN: +233 (0) 800 100 250

Toll free telephone line, Vodafone: +233 (0) 800 100 25


Read more on GII's website.