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Last UPDATED: 19.01.2024

Internship opportunities

We are currently not hiring. 

Are you interested in learning how a Danish embassy works from the inside? And would you like to do it in a fast-evolving African country with a unique political and economic situation? 

Then we think you should apply for an internship with the Royal Danish Embassy in Accra! We welcome new interns every six months - from February to July and from August to January. Stay updated on future open application rounds on this site and on our Facebook and LinkedIn.

Keep reading to learn more about the internships we offer!

Danish relations with Ghana are in an exciting transition as Denmark has completed a gradual phase out of traditional development cooperation in Ghana. In Ghana’s vibrant capital, Accra, the Danish embassy works to assist and advice the increasing commercial interest in Ghana from Danish companies, while also entering new forms of collaborations such as strategic sector cooperation in the areas of water, the maritime industry, meteorology, and statistics.


What you will get out of an internship in Accra:

  • An on the ground understanding of the works of a Danish embassy.
  • Intercultural skills from a workplace with colleagues from different nations.
  • A unique experience of everyday life in a lively city with a large young population.
  • Opportunities to travel around Ghana and discover the region.
  • International professional experience useful to your future career and attractive to many employers.


We offer the two following internships:

  • Political and Partnership Internship
  • Economic Diplomacy Internship


Political and Partnership Intern

As our political and partnership intern, you will become highly involved in the management of the embassy’s strategic sector cooperation within the areas of water, the maritime industry, meteorology, and statistics. You will achieve an understanding of the political works of a lower middle-income African country, and an insight into diplomacy and political economy. There will also be the opportunity of becoming familiarized with the embassy’s side accredited countries: Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Togo). Your typical day at the embassy could involve activities such as organizing & participating in stakeholder visits, events, & meetings, monitoring & analysing key political developments in Ghana & the region, and contribute to the embassy’s communication, SoMe & public diplomacy efforts.

You can read more about the position here: Political and Partnership Intern


Economic Diplomacy Intern

As our economic diplomacy intern, you will become a valuable member of the Danish Trade Council’s team in Accra, which assists and advices Danish businesses in forming sustainable partnerships for a greener and more just society within the focus areas of food & agriculture, tech & digitalization, and water & environment. You will therefore gain a unique insight into the embassy’s efforts to communicate and share Danish expertise as valuable contributions to the green agenda and socio-economic development in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. Your typical day at the embassy could involve activities such as meetings with Danish and local stakeholders, contributing to markets analyses, preparing delegations visits, and contribute to the embassy’s communication, SoMe & public diplomacy efforts.

You can read more about the position here: Economic Diplomacy Intern


The embassy provides a compensation of DKK 6,000 per month to support your expenditures for accommodation, food, and transport.

Living conditions?

The embassy can assist to put the interns in contact with a student residence, where there is a vibrant environment with international students as well as comfortable rooms.

Qualifications and requirements?

Danish/Greenlandic/Faroese nationals and foreign students can apply if they have a bachelor’s degree and are enrolled in postgraduate studies. Foreign students, however, must have lived in Denmark the last 3-4 years, be studying at a Danish university, and at time of applying be living in Denmark.

You also have to be fluent in written and spoken Danish and English.

Please note that you can only have one internship within the Danish Foreign Service.

How do I apply?

The application should be in English (max 1 A4-page) and include a description of how the internship is expected to contribute to your studies. CV and a copy of grade certificate should be attached. Please name the application accordingly to the position you are applying to, (“Economic Diplomacy Intern” or “Political and Partnership Intern”) and send it to [email protected]. You are welcome to apply for both internships.

Future application deadlines will be published here. 

Further Information?

If you have any questions regarding the Political and Partnership internship, you are welcome to contact Counsellor Mathias Thuborg Madsen at [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the Economic Diplomacy internship, you are welcome to contact Head of Trade Trine Løber at [email protected]



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