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Conflict management and peacebuilding project

In Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation, The World We Share, one of the two overarching ambitions is to give hope to people in need. Security and inclusion are essential in this regard and require concerted efforts focused on conflict prevention and mitigation with special attention to the inclusion of women and young people. See below how Denmark supports these efforts in Ghana and regionally.

This project supports the implementation of WANEP’s 5-year strategy 2016 – 20, and from 2021 the successor strategy 2021 – 2025. In addition to established themes (national early warning and response systems; citizen capacity in peacebuilding and conflict prevention; utilising research to policy advocacy; gender capacity in peace building and conflict prevention deployment; and ensuring the institutional and financial sustainability of WANEP), WANEP will in its new strategy broaden its focus to include new areas. These include targeted efforts to reach and involve young people, the relationship between conflict and environment/climate change, new approaches to gender, peace and security, and the role of communities in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

WANEP is expected to, among others, plan and carry out a number of activities in collaboration with NPC in order for both organisations to benefit from their complementarity and in order for Ghana to benefit more from the expertise and regional perspective of WANEP. NPC will spend the funds on sensitisation and advocacy campaigns on vigilantism as well as training programmes in conflict prevention and peacebuilding in conflict-prone areas. NPC will also facilitate public dialogues and sensitisation in border communities and deliver training in conflict management for tertiary student leaders. NPC’s regional offices will benefit from strengthening of their early warning systems, not least in the area of elections and their work in this.

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