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Deepening democracy and good governance

Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation, The World We Share, place human rights and democratic values as the foundation of Danish Development cooperation. See below how Denmark collaborates with local partners to consolidate and deepen democratic governance in Ghana.

The support will assist CDD in implementing part of its five-year strategy, in particularly the Corruption Watch (CW) project that CDD carries out in a partnership with media outlets – Joy FM, Adom FM and others.

Corruption Watch is a series of radio programmes that aim to raise public awareness on corruption cases that have been opened but stalled in the process, highlighting the frequent reluctance of the relevant authorities to take corruption cases brought before them; from investigation, to prosecution and conviction. The objective of Corruption Watch is to gradually generate public demand for ending the impunity that results from the existing inertness. Persistence and thorough investigation are key principles of the initiative, and the show has generated numerous reactions from the involved authorities and injected new momentum in the cases presented. The Corruption Watch programmes, which begun in English, have for some time been supplemented by a local-language version focusing more on petty corruption and broadcast by another radio station. The Corruption Watch programmes has about 83,000 listeners on Joy FM and 79,000 on Adom FM according to the 2017 GeoPoll.

Corruption Watch was until 2019 financed by the UK’s Department International Development (DfID) through the Strengthening Action Against Corruption (STAAC) project.

Visit CDD's website here and Corruption Watch Ghana's Youtube channel here.