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Promoting peace and security in West Africa

In Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation, The World We Share, one of the two overarching ambitions is to give hope to people in need. Security and inclusion are essential in this regard and require concerted efforts focused on conflict prevention and mitigation with special attention to the inclusion of women and young people. See below how Denmark supports these efforts in West Africa.

The security situation in West Africa has worsened in recent years, in particular across the Sahel. This threatens the security as well as the political and economic stability of Ghana and other countries in the region. KAIPTC is recognised in the region for its work to promote peace and stability. This project therefore supports key aspects of KAIPTC’s strategic plan for 2019-2023, which seeks to position the centre as a trusted partner of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU), the United Nations (UN), other Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the development of their capacity to ensure peace and security in West Africa.

The Danish support focuses on three important thematic areas: women, peace and security (WPS), conflict prevention, and responsibility to protect (R2P). Activities in the project include, among others, research into the three main areas, training, dialogue and consultations at the policy level, capacity building related to WPS, conflict prevention and R2P, and webinars and conferences to exchange knowledge on peace and security related topics. The learnings from the different activities will be used to develop training courses and feed into ongoing political dialogue.

The support supplements other security and humanitarian efforts in the Sahel and the Gulf of Guinea by strengthening KAIPTC research on the causes of conflict in the region, including development of policy recommendations and implementation of capacity building activities for central actors within conflict management in West Africa.

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